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“Water is Life” patch

  • “Water is Life” patch

Recently we led an art build and decided with the banners left we would fundraise to help restock our art supplies that we provide for the houseless/street involved Indigenous artists we support at Native Arts Society and through Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction.

Hang your patch on your wall, sew it on a jacket or bag with pride.

Native Arts Society has been providing art supplies for the Indigenous street community for the past 2 years and believe creating and sharing art is a huge part of many of our healing journeys.

Image by incredible & remarkable artist Isaac Murdoch.

“We are Indigenous artists and environmentalists who love the land and believe in the spirits of the land. We believe in the resilience and beauty of our people. We believe in our Elders and our young people. With everything we do, the underlying theme is always respect for the land and reclamation of the ways of our ancestors.”

Nakurmiik/Miigwech for supporting our local Indigenous artists.