Abolish Child Welfare tee

  • Abolish Child Welfare tee
  • Abolish Child Welfare tee

The numbers of Indigenous children in child welfare today vastly exceeds the number of children at the height of residential schools.

Attacking, disrupting, displacing and separating Indigenous families is traumatizing. Beyond what anyone can image. This disruption impacts entire generations and communities.

Child welfare apprehends Indigenous children of families struggling with inter generational trauma, addiction and poverty. While giving foster parents sometimes triple the amount they offer to Indigenous families.

Indigenous children often end up being raised by non Native families, an assimilative practice just like residential schools.

canada was taken to a human rights tribunal by the First Nations caring society and found guilty of systemically underfunding child welfare for Indigenous children meaning they grow up in completely depraved conditions or their families never get the support they deserve to heal.

An ENTIRE industry is built on the backs of Indigenous children in this country.

Don’t get it twisted, many native child welfare industries simply replicate the colonial systems of surveillance, profiteering and mass apprehensions. They also work hand in hand with the police.

Abolish child welfare as it currently exists. Families deserve to stay together. Rebuild and revitalize our kinship systems. Indigenous children deserve to grow up and know their communities and feel the love of their family.